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Il Paradiso

Then & Now

Situated on a hundred acres of rolling hills in East Texas, Il Paradiso was created to give a reminiscence of the great wonders of Italy. This intensely evocative and private paradise is immersed in green, where nature blends harmoniously with design at every turn.

Today, more and more people escape the rush of the city and gravitate towards timber-framed panoramas and wide open spaces. The owners reinvented this place in response to a desire to have a comfortable getaway where one could leave everyday routines and concerns behind. Il Paradiso is the perfect destination to surround yourself with what nature has to offer among unique and unforgettable spaces to create new memories.

The property evokes an explicitly simple, yet organized home in the green hills just like the beloved couple's favorite poet, Francesco Petrarca, did in the 14th century, as he relaunched the very concept of the residence according to the Romans' precepts of 'otium': a propitious condition for the spirit and body, encouraged by contemplation, physical fitness, enjoyment of nature, and the pleasure of cultivating one's personal passions, as well as gardening. In a nod to ancient culture, and out of understandable desire to take much-needed breaks from a hectic city life, the Valentes felt the same importance as the Medici family back in the 1400s to 'unplug' and retreat to the tranquil and exquisite countryside.

The property not only offers a variety of spectacular views but also a range of activities for all ages, including a reflecting pool, infinite meadows, a stunning park, a bocce court, an archery range, fish and release, mountain bike trails, a fire pit to enjoy s'mores, bean bag toss, and more! The breathtaking, vast farmland places you in a lighter, yet more whimsical lifestyle. This perfect balance of rural charm meets both aesthetic needs and the requirements of an exclusive event.

Explore the pages below and click on the pictures for a better description of each corner of the property.



The main house.


The family chapel.



The outdoor kitchen.


Pool house and solarium.


The entertainment center.

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