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Lido Bianco

Here, nature and architecture melds harmoniously to offer an evocative universe laden with references to memories at what is the family summer Italian marina. From manmade pathways to extraordinary surfaces growing herbs, Lido Bianco showcases a minimalist, yet clever design.

Lido Bianco offers a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, which caters to any chef's needs. It includes a state-of-the-art grille, griddle, and stovetop. Perfect for any event during the day and charming for an under-the-stars gathering, Lido Bianco also features a cozy sitting area in front of a hand-made masonry fireplace, and a full-sized bocce court.

Just as Roman emperors curated their countryside properties, the owners returned to the clear-eyed vision of earlier days with an expression of simplicity in choosing plants, crops, and fruits -- all important components pleasing, not only to the eye, but all senses. In fact, it's no surprise that your event will be complimented by an unforgettable aroma of spices, roses, and lavender.

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