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the cottage


There's no doubt that a beautiful panorama is a big plus for a countryside cottage. A view of a lakeshore or a hillside from the windows makes any building a little more desirable. Traditionally built as a getaway residence, over the years, this house became the perfect place for celebrations. The surrounding land is shaped into parks and gardens. An interesting contrast present around the cottage shows the carefully tended gardens and the interior of the forest, while the hills are often steep and untamed and thickly blanketed in woods,  rocks and fascinating creeks.

Built a few years after the barn, masterfully immersed in a vast green space, the cottage represents to this day the main residence for the Valente family. The front entrance, as tradition wants, oversees the family chapel and hides the breathtaking views that await as you enter and approach the back porch.

Quaint and picturesque, the cottage combines beauty and comfort. As Palladio once said, "A countryside home enhances the body and soul of any human being. The body will more readily maintain its health and strength and the soul, fatigued by the aggravations of the city, will be revitalized and soothed and will be able to attend in tranquility in quiet contemplation." For the owners, it is very important that the estate be both useful and comforting.

At the epicenter of the property, the cottage represents the first stop for family guests. The owners never designed in the abstract, but paid precise attention to detail. To this day, this genius loci characterizes and guides each project, and results in a firmly entwined relationship between the natural setting and the desires of the family. Il Paradiso is really something apart from everyday residences. It's a backdrop for private celebrations, convivial occasions, parties, receptions, performances and art collection shows.

Il Paradiso is a place outside the city that combines architecture and nature, while reflecting the taste and the pleasures of its owners. Just as in the ancient Roman empire, where Romans revolved around the city capital of negotium -- economic activities, rules, schedules, exhaustion and stress -- the Valentes placed a great deal of emphasis cultivating otium. Il Paradiso can be seen as a revival of the lost garden of Eden, enhanced by flowers, fruit orchards, and songbirds, creating the perfect portrait.

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